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Welcome to our website. Eddington Thread provides industrial thread to almost every imaginable industry including: electronic communications, the military, automotive, aerospace, mattress, furniture, industrial fabrics, sporting goods, leather and footwear, filtration, lifting and material handling, knit goods and book binding ...plus many, many more. Our thread is manufactured to spec using the finest raw materials. Processes include: ultra-modern uptwisting, downtwisting, steamsetting and conditioning, dye tubing, dyeing, bonding and finishing, final winding, inspection, labeling and packaging. Our quality control lab monitors all of the steps along the way to assure that you receive the highest quality industrial thread available.

We craft and engineer Industrial Filament Threads with only two goals in mind...Pride and Quality. Our objective at Eddington Thread is total customer satisfaction in both product and service. Exacting standards in manufacturing, state-of-the-art technology, commitment to constant research and development, the worlds most modern bobbin winding facility, along with dedicated field representatives,The Eddington Experts,make us the source of choice. Eddington threads perform consistently on the widest range of sewing equipment.

You can count on Eddington Thread to deliver. Our three manufacturing facilities, right here in America, along with strategically placed warehouses, and factory representatives, assure quick responsive delivery on every order. We are able to meet your needs for any type of Industrial Sewing Thread.

Just as our concern for quality endures, so does the integrity of our product. The pride and craftsmanship that our people put into each and every spool, carries on the tradition of making the finest threads available from yesterday to today and into tomorrow.

Eddington applies special sewing finishes to the thread to eliminate burning and breaking at the needle. For tougher sewing situations Eddington's bond has been a proven performer. Our bond is applied to the thread under extreme heat. This allows the bond to become one with the thread and protects the thread under extreme sewing circumstances leaving the user with perfect looking seams.

And now a few words about our products. Our Edd-Bond Nylon and Polyester threads are specifically designed to run on the most demanding, automated, high-speed machinery.  What this means to you is: Less down time, increased productivity, less waste, greater sewing efficiency, and most of all...increased profitability! Edd-Clear Monofilament thread is an extruded nylon that is available in a variety of sizes. Eddington's Spun Polyester is made from high tenacity polyester fiber making it stronger than threads of comparable size. Edd-Spun is made from polyester, which makes it much more resistant to mildew, abrasion and ultra-violet rays. We now offer nylon thread for fishing rod wrapping.

Our Prewound Bobbins are engineered to obtain the maximum yardage affording the user longer running cycles with less down time. To insure quality, Eddington uses its own thread to manufacture bobbins - ready wound in all styles and sizes - the best in the trade today. We manufacture virtually every bobbin style available at competitive prices.

When you need a thread that will perform in products exposed to heat, Nomex®* and Kevlar®* threads are the answer. These threads are formulated to withstand high temperatures. For ease of sewing, Eddington applies a high-speed sewing finish to help eliminate needle-related problems. You may purchase these threads in either spun or filament.

Eddington's Teflon®* is an excellent choice for use on industrial sewing machines.

Because of its sewability many users choose Eddington's Cotton thread for a wide range of sewing operations. Eddington's cotton thread comes in soft, mercerized or glazed finishes. Mercerized thread is singed to remove excess fibers protruding from the surface giving you a smoother surface with a high luster. Glazing the cotton gives the thread a hard finish and protects when sewing in tough operations.

Eddington manufactures high tensile strength and abrasion resistance Vectran®** fiber thread. Vectran®** is a high-performance multifilament yarn spun from liquid crystal polymer. We twist and bond high tech fibers such as Spectra®***, Kevlar®* ,Vectran®** and Technora.

These are just a few of our high-quality threads. Select our Products page for a complete list. Or if you would like an exact price quote, select either our Bobbin Price Quote or Thread Price Quote page and one of our representatives with get back to you.

*Kevlar® Nomex® and Teflon® are registered trademarks of Dupont Co.
is a registered trademark of Kuraray Inc.
***Spectra® is a registered trademark of Honeywell Corporation.

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